Memory foam mattresses are a wonder to the market of mattresses. Ever wondered a mattress which changes its shape according to the shape of your body? It is primarily made of polyurethane with additional chemicals leading to increased viscosity and density often referred to as ‘viscoelastic’ foam. With additional comfort experience, it leaves minimal dust mites unlike other mattresses thus requiring less or almost no regular cleaning helping asthma patients breathe better than before.


Best memory foam mattresses in Faridabad supplied by Vishal Furnishing.

Not only is it used for domestic purposes, but also used as cushions in aircrafts. They are denser than other mattresses providing additional support and weight, which is the reason for its high demand in the market. Vishal Furnishings are experts in supplying the best memory foam mattresses in Faridabad for a better comfort experience for beds and sofa sets. However, usage of memory foam mattresses requires extreme care as it is combustible, and constant use can cause respiratory irritations due to chemicals present in it. Its ability to retain heat helps patients relieve pain by keeping the immobile parts warm. It is supplied in hospitals for usage in wheelchairs, hospital beds and to patients who are paralyzed, immobile or have been adjudged complete best rest for additional comfort and smooth blood flow along with less chances of contracting gangrene.

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