Suitcases are generally required by people who travel a lot for official and business purposes. Also, people who tour places across the world need suitcases. There are different types of suitcases from Pullmans to Duffel bags depending on the hardness, size and the requirements of people.

VIP Suitcases in Faridabad

World-Class Suitcases in Faridabad at Vishal Furnishing

  • They have all types of suitcases from the large to the soft ones.
  • They generally use very high-quality materials to produce these suitcases.
  • They can also be modified in accordance with your Vishal Furnishings makes sure that your suitcase meets the needs and demands of you.
  • They produce different types of suitcases like large and hard ones called Pullmans, soft and semi-soft suitcases which can be quickly taken in an aircraft when compared to the larger one, carry-on suitcases which are very useful if you travel only for a couple of days, garment bags if you have to bring a lot of clothes, business cases that are used to carry items like law files, memos and laptops and Duffel bags which are used to carry clothes when you need it to be wrinkle free.
  • Generally they use Ballistic Nylon, Leather or Canvas for the manufacture of the suitcases. These materials provide high abrasion and wear resistance and is also water resistant.
  • Sometimes Polycarbonates are used when a person needs a suitcase which is very light in weight and is bullet proof and damage proof.

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