Vishal Furnishings provides the aptest and modern look to your kids’ room with its experienced and talented bunch of interior decorators who are always up to something new. Our modest approach helps our clients to overhaul the cheap, small-time installers who simply waste their time and delay the proceedings to unrightfully cash-in.


We know how a child likes his/her room to be like – playful, messy and at the same time fun. That’s why our experts design the most desirable layouts so that your kids could enjoy themselves in a fun-filled environment that is at the same time, organized to suit your needs.

Our modern approach helps us to provide our customers with the best furniture, and clear thinking to decide where to adjust that furniture where it would suit better than the best. All the furniture available at our site is made from the finest quality material that is durable, comfortable and lasts for a very long time.

We also have our showroom in Faridabad where you could check-out the latest offerings from our site and get the real feel of what marvelous piece of furniture we sell on our website. All our home furnishing products are genuine and crafted from the best quality wood such that you could rest assured that you invested in the right brand.

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