Bespoke sofas or made to order sofas are the order of the day and our sofa designing services provide the customer with state of the art sofa designs which go well with his home interior design scheme. Sofas are usually constructed with a wooden frame on which synthetic padding is added, which is then followed by adding the spring mechanism and the cushioning. Once this foundation or skeleton is complete, then it can be covered or upholstered with the choicest of synthetic, natural or blended fabrics or leather in various colors and hues. Sofa Fabrics of various colors are used to adorn these sofas such that they merge into the interior design scheme planned for the home.

At each stage of this process, skilled craftsmanship is required as some of the techniques required to produce each component of the sofa are highly specialized and require an exceptional attention to details. From start to finish, it is estimated that this whole process requires about 300-500 hours of skilled labor. Traditionally, sofas were manufactured by individual craftsmen working in small workshops. But following the industrial revolution, they have been started to be made using mass production techniques in a series of popular designs using a pre-decided choice of fabrics, colors and sizes to choose from. While this has been an effective way to extract economies of scale from the production process, it has narrowed down the choice of options available to the consumer, creating a growing demand for individually tailored sofas which have been made to order according to the taste and specific requirements.

In this respect, our sofa designing service is said to be top of the line. Before we start our manufacturing process, we try to thoroughly understand the requirement of the customer and only then do we send the raw material into production. This separates our sofa designing service from our competitors.

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