Tips for choosing right mattresses for a sound sleep

Tips for choosing right mattresses for a sound sleep

Did you know that you spend at least 1/3rd of your life asleep or in bed? This means that your mattress has a crucial hand in ensuring that you always get a good night’s sleep. Since most people don’t think through the benefits of picking up the most ergonomically designed mattress for themselves, they eventually experience recurring spinal, back and neck aches, not necessarily in that order.

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Therefore, save yourself from such physical discomfort and get a relaxed sleep you truly deserve. Take a look at an array of mattresses & pick one that is reminiscent of your comfort ->

Soft: People who suffer from back, neck or spinal problems will get relief from pain if they opt for soft mattresses.

Extra soft: This kind of mattress molds the shape of your body while you sleep. The person sleeping almost sinks into the extra soft mattress which in turn applies pressure to his or her body evenly.

Medium: While asleep on a medium mattress, your weight is distributed evenly. A proper alignment of the body definitely ensures a good night’s sleep.

Hard: This one’s perfect for those who are not suffering from any spinal or neck related ailments. Hard mattresses prove to be quite comfortable for people with a naturally fit body.

Extra hard: This extra hard mattress provides consistent firm support to the person sleeping on it. Its extra durability & support makes it a perfect choice for someone with above average stature.

Keeping in mind the benefits of choose the right mattress, we have also recently launched our premium collection of mattresses. The 6-inch-thick coir foam mattresses are available for single, twin, full, king and queen size beds. Do check them out!

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