Venetian Blinds have now been considered as a substitute to curtains offering maximized privacy. They are perfect and well suited for windows of any of your rooms. Venetian Blinds are actually composed of flats slats made up of metal or wood that are arranged horizontally letting the light enter according to your will. The more you lift them, the more light enters.

Venetian Blinds in Faridabad

Vishal Furnishings – one stop for Venetian Blinds at Faridabad

Vishal Furnishings welcomes you to their house of Home Furnishing Products where you can find every type of Blinds in Faridabad at a very reasonable price. We provide you flexible light control as well as glossy finished colored blinds with a modern touch. Following are the styles Venetian Blinds that are available:

  • Slat Width: wider, more blockage of light by them and thickness depending on your preference and size ranging from one inch to 3½ inches.
  • Vinyl: least expensive but most fragile. Have more varieties in sizes and color as well as more durable.
  • Aluminum: light weighted with an extensive range of colors, finishing touch and sizes.
  • Faux wood: not warped, faded and cracked easily, available in 1 and 2 inches. Cleanable, as well as moisture resistant but, are heavy.
  • Real wood: lighter, as well as expensive but add organic tone in your room.

More Features:

  •  With Vishal Furnishing, you will have the best Venetian Blinds in Faridabad.
  • We offer you the relevant and well suited blind perfect for your room according to your choice and budget.

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