Crystal glasses are one of the few things that can make your house or office exquisite. It can make your place look luxurious and rich, and it can also add to the beauty quotient of your house.

Crystal Glasses in Faridabad

Top quality crystal glasses in Faridabad at Vishal Furnishing

Vishal Enterprises produces an excellent grade of crystal glasses that are suitable for decor in your house and your office. These crystal glasses are available at a very nominal price when compared to the peer products available in the market. Vishal Enterprises have a lot of variety in these crystal glasses. They have different grades of crystal glasses which are manufactured based on the quality, lifetime, beauty and the cost of the glass. More the quality and lesser the weight of the glass, more is the cost of the crystal glass. They also have different shapes and colors of these glasses. You can also customize your own shape and color by discussing the design you need. They will make sure they provide you the highest grade of service

  • They produce high-quality glass only by heating the glass first and then super cooling it.
  • They add substances like molten potassium nitrate to harden the glass so that it does not break very easily even when it slips out of your hands.
  • They also add resistant coating to the glass so that it does not get affected when it comes in contact with any substance chemically.

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