Cut glasses are generally used to add a little more glamour to your house. It is also used in certain types of windows where you may require less or more amount of light to enter your house. Cut glasses can be found on church and mosque windows. They are generally tinted. Sometimes cut glasses can also be used as art forms to depict certain things.

Cut Glasses in Faridabad

Pre-possessing cut glasses in Faridabad at Vishal Furnishing

Vishal Enterprises have one of the most pleasing to the eye collection of cut glasses. From your windows to depict the art forms that you would love to see in your room or your table, Vishal Enterprises have a wide range and variety of cut glasses in Faridabad which are specific according to the application for which you require the cut glass. We have particular people who are very skilled in handcrafting the required cut glasses. These people are very experienced, and they can perform even the minute cuts in your cut glass. You can also customize your cut glass.

  • They can perform cuts up to 2 mm and enormous cuts up to 75 mm
  • These cut glasses are available in single colors, double tones as well as multi-colors. You can also customize which color you want in which place of the cut glass. It will be done accordingly.
  • The glass brought in use is of high quality and generally either hardened or tempered glass is used for making these cut glasses.

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