To be able to pull curtains sidewards for more light or for just a formal look, tassels and tie-backs are the perfect answer. It is a cord or braided trim that hooks to a window frame from where it can be looped around a curtain to pull it back decoratively. There are two sides for the tie-backs, one side ends with a fancy tassel and the other side in a closed loop that enables the tassel to gather the curtain. They are said to add style and an aesthetic look. A dramatic focal point is established whenever you enter the room. Tassel tieback and layered valances will bring whimsical charm to any window.

Curtain Tussels And Tiebacks in Faridabad

Decorative curtain tussels and tiebacks in Faridabad at Vishal Furnishing

Vishal Furnishing is one of the best sellers for curtains tassel and tiebacks in Faridabad. A wide variety of tassel tiebacks made of silk, metallic floss or other rich complement velvet, damask, silk or brocade drapes are provided by Vishal Furnishing. They also have a nice way of showcasing their tassels and tiebacks.

  • We provide simple fabric tiebacks and fancy ropes with tassels for a grander
  • We provide the perfect and more casual tassels and tiebacks in Faridabad.
  • By using our tiebacks, you can make the view even better.
  • From long drapes for the living rooms to short and sweet valances for the kitchen
  • Our tassels freshen all the windows at your home and modify your décor to a finest one.

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