Floor mats can be differentiated based on where they are placed and of what material they are made. These can be door mats, chair mats, car mats, rubber mats and a wide array of other unique categories of mats. Floor mats can also be classified as anti-fatigue mats, kitchen mats, car floor mats, rubber floor mats, custom floor mats and outdoor mats. Armed with tremendous experience in the business of mats, we are now providing that expertise to our customers. When talking of the type of mats based on location we have door mats, which are a must for any entrance to help prevent dirt, snow and moisture from entering the doorway; anti-fatigue mats, which help one stay comfortable when one is on one’s feet for a long time; kitchen floor mats, which are a must have for both domestic or commercial kitchens, as they provide comfort, traction and floor protection against stains, scratches and spills, along with safety and comfort in any kitchen space; garage mats, which are mats used in garage floors, to help increase traction and safety in any garage floor while protecting the garage floor and enhancing its aesthetics.

Anti slip tape, which is a heavy duty, peel and stick floor grip tape that seeks to enhance traction on stairs, ramps and any location needing greater slip and skid resistance; runner floor mats which are perfect for providing traction, keeping floors clean and directing traffic; urinal mats which are bathroom mats which help keep restroom areas sanitary by eliminating unpleasant urine odors and killing bacteria while increasing safety by providing a safe, slip resistant floor covering; anti-static mats, which are also known as ESD mats, help protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage and explosive chemicals from igniting by dissipating any electrical discharge before it can sabotage them and much more. We strive to provide almost all the varieties of mats to our customers along with our superior customer service.

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