Carpet tiles are no longer restricted to the high profile offices or fancy workspaces. They are fast becoming the first choice of many homeowners and decorators who have grown disillusioned with the old classic wall-to-wall carpets. Carpet tiles are inherently variable sized square pieces of carpet; commonly they range from squares of 16 inch to 24 inch. They feel great under the feet like the broadloom carpets but are far more versatile. They are made of various materials, styles and can be set on the floor in the way we desire. Almost everyone who owns a broadloom carpet has gone through the tiresome task of cleaning it every once in a while and in worst cases replacing it when it gets stained. Carpet tiles help you dodge these issues because being manageable-sized pieces they can be cleaned easily, and if the need arises only the particular square section can be replaced.

Carpet Tiles in Faridabad

Vishal Furnishings offer the best Carpet Tiles in Faridabad:

Vishal Furnishings is renowned for its attractive and aesthetic styling of carpet tiles in Faridabad. We make it possible for you to turn your floor as canvas and let your imagination dictate with our customised carpet tiles. We offer an all-encompassing range of carpet tiles in Faridabad with attractive styles, different installation options and unique combinations of colour.

Why Us?

  • We provide unrivalled performance and quality in Home Furnishing.
  • We house only the best products that the market has to offer.
  • We have experts who will help choose the best for your home furnishing needs.
  • We provide top end products at affordable prices.


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