PVC flooring is generally used in houses in the form of tiles, which even when broken, are very easily replaceable. PVC flooring is cheap when compared to others and also can be maintained easily. It is water resistant and it is available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

PVC Flooring in Faridabad

Alluring PVC flooring in Faridabad at Vishal Furnishing

Vishal Enterprises provide the customers with one of the most ravishing and enchanting collections of PVC flooring. They have PVC tiles which are of various sizes, like 150 mm, 225 mm and 305 mm. They also provide PVC flooring in different shapes such as perfect square, imperfect square, rounded square, rounded rectangle and pentagon. Also, there are a lot of patterns that are available in the tiles such as stars, the sky, any favorite place of yours, even musical instruments! These people are one of the leading producers of PVC flooring in Faridabad.

  • They produce flooring with very high quality and tested the fiber of Poly Vinyl Chloride. This material undergoes a lot of testing like Hardness tests, Impact tests and Vibration tests before it is implemented in a household or some other place.
  • They generally add a hardening material so as to prevent the breakage of the tiles at any cost. Even if it is broken, it will be replaced free of charge if it is within a year.
  • Our adhesive materials are not prone to any environmental effects and are of very high quality, and they have excellent.

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