Wooden Flooring is generally used to give a very aesthetic and rich look to a place. Usually, wooden flooring is done in villas and corporate businesses where people expect a little bit of luxury in their house or workplace. Wooden flooring is mostly used for flooring due to its durability, restorability and environment profile.

Wooden Flooring in Faridabad

Classic Wooden Flooring in Faridabad at Vishal Furnishing

Vishal Enterprises are one of the most experienced sales enterprises in wooden flooring for both houses as well as office buildings. They are specialized in all types of wood flooring such as hardwood flooring, solid wood flooring and engineered flooring. They have people who are extremely familiar and accomplished in doing these types of wooden floors in an effective and efficient manner. They use three different steps of construction for wooden flooring

  • Wood ply construction – In this small pieces of wood are piled together with each other and adhered together. These collections generally run perpendicular to each other so that a better stability is obtained. The wood is very thin layered so that it does not get affected by external climatic conditions.
  • Finger core construction – Here wood pieces are made out of small pieces of timber. Generally two ply or three plies are used so that the strength and hardness are more. Three-ply is more stable as the middle ply provides more durability.
  • The core is constructed using Fiberboard. They are hygroscopic by nature and should not be exposed to large quantities of water.

Vishal Furnishing

  • Have a good reputation
  • Are customer friendly
  • Have great products
  • Are one stop for furnishing needs

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