Gone are the days when feather pallets covered in burlap were used as mattresses. Today’s mattresses are technologically so advanced that it would not be an exaggeration to call them sleep systems. There is no one category of mattress that is perfect for everyone. Depending on the distribution of weight of people and their perception of comfort, mattresses vary from coir mattresses to foam mattresses. The bonnel mattresses in Faridabad, in particular, have been around for decades. These mattresses consist of coils that are wide at the top and bottom but thin in the middle. Generally, mattresses do not seem to add a lot to the home decor but they surely go a long way in facilitating that you sleep better. Additionally there are two types of Bonnel mattresses available:

  • Latex Spring Mattress
  • Firm Spring Mattress

Bonnel Spring Mattress

Vishal Furnishings, home of the Best Bonnel Mattresses in Faridabad:

We started out in 1981 as a firm that primarily traded in mattresses. Though we have expanded our range of products to include all other types of home furnishing products, dealing in mattresses has always been our firm’s core area of expertise. If you are in and around Faridabad then quickly drop in at our spacious store because,


  • Are the one-stop showroom for all your home furnishing needs,
  • Provide expert guidance to find the perfect mattress for an individual,
  • Have mattresses of highest quality at reasonable prices,
  • Provide the best bonnel mattresses in Faridabad.

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