Pocket Spring Mattresses are mattresses with vertically positioned pocket springs in the mattress. Since, these pockets are present throughout the mattress it pushes against the body of the person and is very comfortable. Apart from being comfortable, these mattresses also enhance the beauty of the room. There is a feeling of comfort and relaxation when you have pocket spring mattress in your bedroom. A full night sleep on these mattresses makes you feel fresh and energetic in the morning.

Poacket Spring Mattresses in Faridabad

Vishal Furnishing- house of luxury living room mattresses in Faridabad

Vishal Furnishing provides you a large variety of mattresses of different range and sizes. We have a vast collection of mattresses, and you can easily find one which suits your requirements. The mattresses are available in all sizes singles, doubles, kings and super kings. You can order any size according to your requirement. And there are also comfort grades of the mattress from medium soft to soft.

Why us?

We have an extensive range of quality mattresses which not only makes your room look beautiful but also provides you a comfortable sleep. The mattresses we provide are:

  • Comfortable, supportive and provides you a luxurious sleep.
  • Hard enough and the shape of the mattress do not change according to the shape of the body.
  • The mattresses are of the best brands and are durable. We also provide few years of guarantee on all the products.

Buy our mattresses once and enjoy your peaceful sleep.


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