A mattress can cause you sleepless nights or it can give you a sound sleep. It can make your honeymoon night memorable of eminently forgettable. We are spending one-third of our lives on this ubiquitous accessory. Therefore the mattress on which we sleep needs to be firm but at the same time gentle. In case it is too hard, it hinders the quality of sleep if it is too soft, it will lead to disturbed sleep. A quality mattress needs to be 20 cm longer than us in length and at least 90 cm wide if sleeping in one. Moreover, the distribution of weight is different for different people and the perception of support and comfort also differs from one person to another. It is therefore, very important to consider all the variables that influence our sleep. Foam mattresses are said to excellently adapt to the pressure exercised by the body.

These mattresses generally help you wake up in the morning “feeling fresh and rejuvenated”. On the other hand, coir mattresses are hard in nature and therefore they do not mould themselves as per the body shape, thus creating pressure points in the body. This leads us to feel fatigued when we get up in the morning. Therefore, you cannot just pick up whatever is on offer in the market. You need to give it a deep thought before choosing the kind of mattress you want. We at Vishal Furnishings have taken off that burden from your head. We are providing in our stores mattresses of the best varieties and brands. You will just need to choose the look; material and the color and we will do the rest. Our expert salesmen have enough experience in the field to make your buying experience an everyday affair.

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