Sofa is typically a dominant furniture piece in a living room. It is the first noticeable thing to anyone coming to your home, and so it should be well-maintained and customised. The sofa needs to be regularly changed or if the change is not affordable, repairing it is the next indispensable option. Sofa repairing depends upon the type of sofa.


Sofa Customisation and Repairing in Faridabad provided by us-Vishal Furnishing:

We are specialists in repairing all the type of sofas sold by our store. The professionals are the first people coming to your mind when you want to get your furniture repaired. But it is not a good method to opt for a third person just to save a few bucks. Since we are selling these things, we know them better than any other person. Moreover, before repairing it is important to know about the things it is made up of. We, being the manufacturers of the same, know all about the sofa and its materials very well and so we don’t need to research more before we start repairing the shabby sofa.

Why Us?

  • We are the best in providing the services of sofa customization and repairing in Faridabad as we are the manufacturers of these things. So we know very well how to take it back to its best level just as before when it has been damaged.
  • The time taken by us is less as we do not need any extra time to collect the knowledge about the materials it has been made from.


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