A sofa is typically the central furniture piece of a living room or a family room. Therefore, sofas will undergo a lot of wear and tear with guests sitting on them, children playing on them, families relaxing on them for hours together as they watch a movie or play a video game. Therefore, Sofa Fabrics, the ultimate upholstery for your customized sofa, will have to be that much sturdy to bear the incessant wear and tear that they will have to undergo. These fabrics are available in almost 1500 varieties in the market. Although, we may not stock all of these, our collection of sofa fabrics will put to rest all the customer doubts about our efforts to fulfill our customer requirements. Our sofa fabrics are available in leather, faux leather, vinyl, microfiber, textured cotton, cotton polyester and sometimes nylon too. We have the regular grade fabrics and we also stock the upgrade varieties with their intricate designs and superior textures, which are no more durable than the regular grades, but have a better look and feel to them.

Sofa Fabric in Faridabad

Although, these cost us a lot more than the regular variety to source, we keep them for our higher end customers who want classy designs and an elegant look and feel to their sofa sets. Some customers use the upgrade varieties only to accent their sofa side pillows or just the rear cushions. For people who do not wish to change their sofas more frequently, changing the sofa fabrics becomes mandatory and we cater to many such customers. Our diverse collections of sofa fabrics strive to give our customers a wider choice from which to select their favorite option. Home furniture business is a cash cow for us and that makes sofa fabrics also a fast moving item in our stores. To add to that our superior customer service literally compels the customer to make a purchase.

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