Do you need an interior designer? This question may come to you when you decide to give your exquisite home a makeover. There are chances that you may not opt for the services of a private designer and do all the interior consultation yourself from ‘do it yourself books’. But, you will never be able to substitute what an interior designer does. To add to that, you will have to take the trouble of looking for appropriate self help books in the market, buying them, locating an appropriate design scheme from them and then locating contractors who will make that design a reality. Our interiors consultation services will provide all this and more.

We provide you with interiors consultation in terms of our knowledge and experience so that you do not make costly mistakes in your home makeover. Interiors consultation is a service that is distinct to our organization. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors based on this service. We provide these services because we know how precious your home is for you and how elegantly and attractively you would like to decorate it. Our Interiors consultation services provide expert interior designers to work for you. The main objective of opting for our services will be to prevent common pitfalls and avoid costly mistakes. A professional interior designer will assist you throughout the whole home makeover process right from initiating the makeover to paying off the final bill to the contractor.

What is more, she will also help you locate skill full artisans who are very good at their craft and will also negotiate with them on your behalf. The stages in our interiors consultation process are initial consultation, design and proposal stage, detailed measurement stage, space planning stage, the conceptual presentation stage, budget estimate stage, project management and finally installation of the finishes selected. Our experienced staff will hand hold you through the entire gamut of operations of designing your precious abode such that you will not have to raise a finger. You will just have to provide them with the necessary information that they need and they will do the rest. Imagine, you get to be the boss of your own home makeover?

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