Sofa Customisation & Repair

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We have expert & experienced team of sofa makers.

Our team can customise any sofa design.

Our team will help you choose the best sofa design & fabrics for home or office.

We provide following services:

    • New sofa customisation.

    • Sofa repair & customisation of old sofas.

    • Dining Chair repair & customisation.

    • Bed back quilting.

    • Wall paneling.

A sofa is typically the central furniture piece in a living or a family room. Therefore, they undergo a lot of wear and tear with guests sitting on them, children playing on them, families relaxing on them for hours together as they watch a movie or play their favorite video game. Therefore, sofas need to be changed more frequently. In case if you do not wish to totally change your sofa, you can always opt for our sofa repairing services.

Each type of sofa requires a different technique of repair. We are specialists in repairing all the type of sofas that we sell in our stores. The first thing you should think of when going for a sofa repairing service is to hire professionals who know their work. Trying on a third party home care solution just because it is cheap is not going to help you. Since, we know the furniture we sell the best, we can provide you with the best repairing services for the same. Remember, we have made the furniture so we are the best equipped to repair the same. Much of the effort in repairing your sofa goes into gauging what material it is made of.

Once we gauge that, it is very easy for us to formulate a repair strategy and method. Moreover, our sofa repair experts have tremendous expertise in repairing any type of sofa. In fact, our experts have the requisite knowledge to repair all the types of sofas that we stock in our stores. This is what makes our sofa repairing service different from our contemporaries. Leather sofas can be damaged easily by tears, cigarette burns, holes or stretches. Repairing a leather sofa requires first checking the leather type and then fixing the damages. Likewise we have different techniques to repair sofas made from other materials.